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UploadGig, what is it about?

UploadGIG is one of the most trusted and reliable sites for file storing, hosting and sharing services. It allows a user to store, share, upload, and download his or her file or files such as documents, thesis or research papers, photos, movies or films or videos, software, music or songs, and so on. The site of the UploadGIG is very easy to use and it has a 100% rate for its security level for the protection of the data and the files of users.

Furthermore, it is a great help for a user who needs to send a file that has a very big file size and he or she cannot send it via email platforms, so the UploadGIG site can help with this matter. The site of the UploadGIG is developed so a user will not struggle anymore with on where he or she will keep his or her important files or data and he or she will not get hassle on how he or she can share his or her files to others. A user will not worry anymore about how he or she will carry his or her files always because the UploadGIG site is enough to access the files anytime and anywhere through the help of the internet.

Should people use the site of the UploadGig?

Yes, they should! If a person is looking for a solution on how he or she will keep and share his or her files online, then the UploadGIG is the solution that you are looking for.

The beautiful thing about the UploadGIG is that its services and features as an online storage platform where a user can keep his or her files such as documents, recordings or music, videos or movies, software, and other files just for free. 

Moreover, UploadGIG has two different types of accounts. These are the UploadGIG free account and the UploadGIG Premium Account, but since the free account is free, obviously it has limitations, so, UploadGIG encouraged users to use their Premium Account for them to enjoy all of its features and services fully.

Why is UploadGig better than the other file-hosting provider?

Below are the reasons why the UploadGIG site is better than the file-hosting provider:

  • It is because UploadGIG is a safe and high secured and safe site.
  • It is because the UploadGIG registration process is super easy.
  • It is because UploadGIG has a feature and services for storing, uploading, downloading, and sharing of a file or files.
  • It is because UploadGIG provides free storage space with two thousand gigabytes (2000 GB) or two terabytes (2 TB) for its affiliates.
  • It is because UploadGIG always cares and responds to the concerns and questions of their users or members.
  • It is because UploadGIG has many approved and trusted resellers in different places in the world.
  • It is because UploadGIG has a very unique system for its affiliate program and the users or members can use this program to earn money.
  • It is because earnings and payments here in UploadGIG are high and trusted.
  • It is because UploadGIG withdrawal fee is as low as from thirty dollars ($30).

About Files in UploadGig

How can a user upload a file or files?

• A user can upload a file by the Web Upload feature of the UploadGIG using any web browsers of any device with an internet connection.

• A user can upload a file by the Remote Upload feature of the UploadGIG using the specific link of a file.

• A user can upload a file by the File Transfer Protocol or FTP Upload feature of the UploadGIG using a device that also supports the application of an FTP client. 

What are the types of a file that a user can upload?

A user can upload any type of file on the UploadGIG site, but he or she should also be aware that there are some types of files that are restricted by the UploadGIG. 

These are the types of files that restricted by the UploadGIG site:

• Files with copyrights 
• Files related to pornography or sexual things
• Files related to harassments or violence
• Very offensive files

A user should make time to read the Terms of Service of the UploadGIG site to be aware of this. If a user is found uploaded a file that falls on any of the restricted file types mentioned above, his or her account will be suspended, terminated, or removed by the UploadGIG.

How to search for a file or files on the UploadGig?

A user can search a certain file of files such as documents, movies, shows, music, software, and others on the UploadGIG site. The files are searched in the databases and servers of the UploadGIG.

It is easy for the owner of the file or files to search for a certain file because he or she can find those on the upload page of the UploadGIG site. A user cannot search for a file of the other users or owners. It is to protect the privacy of the files as well as the account. That is why UploadGIG does not allow a user to search for a file or files uploaded by the other users because it is considered an illegal thing.

A user can sort his or her files according to what he or she likes. Sorting is a very useful and helpful feature for a user because through this he or she can view and find a file or files easily in an organized look.

Can a user delete files?

Yes! Aside from the upload feature of the UploadGIG, it also has the feature for deleting a file or files which users no longer need anymore. A user is allowed to decide for the deletion of his or her files. 

UploadGIG will give a user the link for the specific file to be deleted. The user just needs to click on the link that the UploadGIG provided and the file will be automatically deleted by the system, but if he or she loses the link, it is okay because the files have an expiration date, these will automatically be deleted by the system on the scheduled expiry date of a file. 

If a user urgently wants to delete his or her file or files, he or she can also contact the UploadGIG support team.

About the UploadGig Accounts

Having an account here on UploadGIG is super easy. A user just needs to fill up the form on the Registration page of the UploadGIG site to register. He or she needs to provide a valid and correct email address and a password. Then, he or she also needs to enter the correct CAPTCHA to ensure that a user is a human. To submit all the information, click on the “Register” button, then the UploadGIG will send an email to the user to confirm or activate his or her account for the site.

When a user has an account already, he or she is allowed to enter the UploadGIG site through their login page.

A user can also register or log in using his or her email or social media accounts or email platforms such as through his or her Yahoo mail, Google Plus, Facebook, or Twitter account. 

Differences of the UploadGIG Free Account vs the UploadGIG Premium Account

UploadGIG FeaturesFree AccountPremium Account
The rate for the Download SpeedSpeed is fifty kilobytes per seconds (50 KB/s)Speed is not limited
How long is the time for the downloadFrom sixty (60) seconds to ten (10) minutes and fourteen (14) secondsUsually, it takes zero (0) to three (3) seconds 
How much?This is completely free.Depends on the purchased UploadGIG Premium Package
Number of files can be downloadedOnly one (1) file can be downloaded per hourNo limits in downloading a file
Has an advertising☒NO☑YES
Has a feature to resume the downloads☒NO☑YES
Has a waiting time to start the upload?☑YES☒NO

If a user wants an ad-free site, no delays for downloads, no limits for download a file, no expiration of files, and faster uploading and downloading of files, he or she should upgrade his or her UploadGIG free account to the UploadGIG Premium Account.

The UploadGIG Premium Account Package gives a lot of benefits to its users than the UploadGIG Free Account because Premium Account has a higher speed rate for downloads instead of having a very low-speed rate at fifty kilobytes per second (50 KB/s) only. It is truly a huge difference in speed. So, a user who has an UploadGIG Premium Account does not encounter any delays when he or she downloads or uploads a file and there is no limit for download, he or she can download as many files as he or she wants. Moreover, with the UploadGIG Premium Account does not have any disturbing ads on the site.

UploadGig Premium Account Packages
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# of DaysPriceMethods of Payment Security RateFree of AdsDownload Speed Rate
3012.00 USDPayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Direct Debit, etc100%YesHigh
✮ 90 (Most Famous)26.00 USDPayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Direct Debit, etc100%YesHigh
18046.00 USDPayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Direct Debit, etc100%YesHigh
✮ 365 (Best Seller)86.00 USDPayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Direct Debit, etc100%YesHigh

The UploadGIG makes sure that any user can choose any package of the premium account that will fit for them. The UploadGIG Premium Account Packages are very affordable, for just only twelve dollars ($12), a user can use and experience the premium features and services for thirty (30) days or one (1) month, twenty-five dollars ($25) for ninety (90) days or two (2) months, and even cheaper and more worth it for a premium package which is valid for one (1) whole year or three hundred (365) days. So now, what more will a certain user can ask for?

The Payment Options of the UploadGig

UploadGIG supports several options for the payment to give its users or members an easy and convenient way when they purchase their products and services. See below the following supported payment options of the UploadGIG.

Visa or MasterCardAlipayDineroMail
PayPal or Bitcoin or AltcoinYandex moneyBanamex
Cherry CreditsNeosurfPoli
TrustpayBoletoAnd many more

After a user successfully paid the UploadGIG Premium Account Package, the UploadGIG will send a message with the Premium Account Package to his or her email address within just twenty-four (24) hours or one (1) day. UploadGIG promised that they will not get any amount again from a user’s credit cards, PayPal accounts, bank accounts, or other payment accounts if his or her UploadGIG premium account expires.

The Resellers of the UploadGig

The UploadGig has resellers assigned in different countries, so the services and products of the UploadGig are distributed to many places in the world. People can buy UploadGig products and services through the help of the resellers. If ever a user can’t buy through online payments, then he or she can purchase the approved official resellers of the UploadGIG mentioned in the table below. The UploadGIG advised everyone to not purchase products and services from any groups or organizations that are not on the below table.

Sites where a user can avail the UploadGIG Premium Package and UploadGIG Premium Account Activation Key:

digitadikoSecurelockerPremiumActivationPremium Key
365premiumTaobao (China)Yahoo! Auctions (Japan)

Request to be a reseller of the UploadGig

If a user wants to be one of the resellers of the UploadGIG in his or her country, he or she is required to fill up the ticket for sending a request to be a reseller of the UploadGIG. 

A user needs to put the following required details for the ticket:

1. The Title of the message
2. The user’s email address
3. The content of the message4
4. The correct CAPTCHA

After filling the fields for the ticket, a user needs to tic on the “Send” button to send his or her request to the UploadGIG.

The Affiliate Program of the UploadGig

This feature of the UploadGIG site is used for its users or members to earn money too while using the site. To use this feature, a user must have an account first or if he or she has an account already, he or she should be logged in to the UploadGIG site.

In addition, a user can also earn money from his or her referrals, but it is according to what account type he or she is in. The UploadGIG account types for the Affiliate Program are Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Please see the below details for the UploadGIG  Affiliate Program.

UploadGIG Affiliate Account TypeSize of the diskFile expiration date in daysRate or Percentage of the Pay Per Sale (PPS) & rebillHow long is the payout? (in days)Upgrade Affiliate Account Level
BasicTwo terabytes (2 TB)6050%15*Starting Level
BronzeFour terabytes (4 TB)8060%12When sales reach to 200.00 USD
SilverEight terabytes (8 TB)9065%10When sales reach to 500.00 USD
GoldTwenty terabytes (20 TB)12070%7When sales reach to 2,000.00 USD
PlatinumFifty terabytes (50 TB)18075%5When sales reach to 5,000 USD
DiamondTwo hundred terabytes (200 TB)36580%3When sales reach to 20,000 USD

All new user accounts who join the Affiliate Program of the UploadGIG are all in the Basic account by default. An Affiliate user account is only upgraded automatically by the UploadGIG when a user reaches the required sales amount for the next level (Please refer to the table above and the image below).

UploadGIG Affiliate Panel


A user can request for a cancellation of his or her account or membership or ask for a refund and he or she does not need to worry about it because the UploadGIG will guarantee all their users that they will return their money if they are unsatisfied with the services of the UploadGIG, but of course, UploadGIG also wants their users to give them their reason why for the UploadGIG to know what to improve or to do with their features and services. 

If a user is not satisfied with the UploadGIG premium account, he or she is only allowed to make a request for a refund in his or her first three (3) days of use of the premium account. For a user to get his or her refund in full, he or she must not have downloaded two (2) files and must not have downloaded above one gigabyte (1 GB).

If a user has any concerns about the cancellation or the refund, do not hesitate to send an email at [email protected] or [email protected] or via their support ticket form found on the Support page of the UploadGIG.

Have Any More Questions?

If a user has any questions about the terms of services, policies, features, and services of the UploadGIG site, he or she does not need to hesitate to reach the UploadGIG support team via email at support team or via their support ticket form found on their site’s Support page.

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